Do You See White Spots On Your Basement Walls? What To Do

If you can see there are white lines along your basement walls and the space smells like mold, it's time to get help from the professionals. The white lines may just be minerals that are soaking in when water is a problem, instead of mold, but regardless you have a moisture problem that needs to be fixed.

You don't know how bad the problem could be, if you can prevent it from happening again in the future, and what needs to be done to stop the problem. Here are lists of things you want to talk with the water damage restoration contractor that you'll want to inspect your home and things you could think about having done.

Mold Testing Throughout Home

You don't just want to have the basement walls tested for mold, but you need to have all the internal components of your property sealed. This means you want to have the insulation tested, along with the HVAC ducts around the property and anywhere else that mold may have spread. The experts can test the air and everything so you can be aware if mold is a problem, and where you need to have the areas remediated.

Extraction and Sealing

The moisture needs to be extracted from all of the walls and materials in the house. They use a machine and even a suction at times to do this. The walls in the basement that have the white lines and moisture damage should be sealed with a bacteria killing paint. Once this is completed, you can be confident that moisture can't get into your home, and that isn't going to damage the basement if it floods on the inside.

Humidity Control System

You also want to look into getting a humidity control system for the house to prevent moisture and mold from becoming a problem in the future. This machine should read the humidity levels and work efficiently to help keep the space at the appropriate humidity levels.

If you can tell that water is seeping through the walls in your basement and you are worried that mold and mildew are now problems throughout the house, it's time to take action so you don't have to worry about breathing hazards. Mold can be dangerous and can cause a lot of respiratory issues if you don't take care of it right away, so talk with a local water damage restoration professional, like one from ExecuClean Restoration, about getting the problem fixed.