A Few Things You Should Know About Gutter Covers Before You Buy Them

Gutter covers fit over your rain gutters to keep them from becoming clogged. They may be mesh screens, reverse curb plastic pieces, foam filters, or nylon guards. While these covers will keep debris from getting into the gutters to clog them, they do have other problems too. Consider the following when deciding whether to buy the covers or not.

Gutter Covers

Mesh screens, foam filters, and nylon guards can become clogged by the debris they keep out of the gutter. This will have the water cascading over the gutters as if they were not there. You will need to check the covers for clogging to keep them working properly. However, they will not clog as easily or readily as the gutter sections would. The reverse curb covers will have the debris flowing over the top of the gutters and onto the ground, but they generally will not clog.

Automatic Cleaners

If you have automatic cleaners in your gutters, covers may not fit properly over them. In addition, the covers may inhibit proper movement of the cleaners. Basically, if you have cleaners, you do not need covers, and if you have covers, you do not need cleaners. Talk with a professional about which is best for your system. For example, if you have sectional gutters, you may not be able to use automatic cleaners, so covers would be best for you.

Benefits of Covers

If you are thinking that having gutter covers makes no sense since they must be cleaned too, you need to think beyond the work. While the covers may become clogged, it saves the gutters. Debris that sits in the troughs themselves can cause the metal to corrode. As the metal corrodes it becomes weaker and will rust. Now the sections will need to be replaced to avoid leaking and defeating the purpose of the gutters in the first place. When you have the covers in place you will extend the life of the gutters and save money.

Having rain gutters is important to your home's roof and foundation. If you allow your gutters to become clogged, they will not protect your home the way they should. Having gutter covers will save your gutters from physical damage and minimize the amount of maintenance you have to do to the whole system. Talk with a professional like the Gutter Magician NKY about which type of gutter covers will fit your current gutters and serve your needs best.