Upholstery Tips For Pet Owners

If you need to have a favorite chair or couch reupholstered, you may be wondering how you can prevent damage from your pets going forward. Fortunately, there are several upholstery strategies you can take to keep your items looking like new. The following tips will help.

Tip #1: Skip the loops

There are many options when it comes to how the fabric is made. Looped fabrics are popular because they feel plush – similar to how looped carpet weaves are more plush. Unfortunately, this style doesn't work well with pets because claws get stuck in the loops, which results in ugly snags. Instead, opt for a flat woven fabric. These are less prone to snags, and if damage does occur a skilled uphoslterer can usually repair it for a nominal fee. If you really want a plusher fabric, then consider some of the pet-friendly microfibers. They have an open loop design that cuts down on snags.

Tip #2: Choose treated fabric

Even the best behaved pet can have an accident. Even if an accident doesn't occur, oils from your pet's fur can also leave stains. Treated fabrics have a stain-proof coating applied to the fabric during the manufacturing process, which means that stains cannot penetrate the fibers. In most cases, you can simply wipe the fabric clean with a damp cloth. This is much better than aftermarket topical applications, which don't provide as much protection and require periodic reapplication. Another important factor is that most treated fabric can be cleaned at home with water and a pet stain fighting carpet or upholstery cleaner. The last thing you want as a pet owner is fabric that requires expensive professional treatment every time you need to clean.

Tip #3: Avoid embellishments

Certain embellishments just don't work well with pets. For example, buttons on cushions tend to get torn off by well-behaved pets when they get onto or off of the furniture. More rambunctious pets may even be tempted to chew and play with the buttons. Raised trim can pose a similar issue, as claws can snag it or playful pets may be tempted to chew on it. Generally, the fewer embellishments the better. You should also request that material be made to fit snugly. The loose, overstuffed look doesn't work well with pets, because their frequent getting up and down onto a couch or chair can further stretch loose fabric so it just looks messy.

For more help, talk with an upholstery shop, such as Bob Arkus Custom Upholstery Inc, near you.