4 Things You Didn’t Know About Mold That Could Be Dangerous To Your Health

Mold is a problem that could occur in anyone's household at anytime. Typically it occurs after water damage has been done to the home or it could be from unhealthy amounts of moisture in the home. Whatever the case, you will want it removed right away not just because it's unsightly, but also because it can cause major health problems. However, the methods some homeowners use to remove the mold just don't work and it's usually due to unknown facts about mold. Here are four things you might not know about mold that could be a problem should you have mold in the house at any point:

  1. ​Bleach Does Not Kill Mold: The method of killing mold growth in the home with bleach is a simple misconception that is a huge problem. This is because, not only are you using a dangerous chemical, which is bleach in the home, but you also are not removing the mold with it. This just leaves a dangerous combination of mold spores in the air along with the chemical bleach. 
  2. Mold Can't be Painted Over: There is another misconception that mold on walls can simply be painted over, which is just not the case. If you paint over mold, the chemicals in the paint will not kill the mold anymore than bleach would. The mold will still be there and cause damage to the new paint rather quickly by leaving chips in the paint because of the moisture that is contained in the mold. 
  3. A Mold Inspection is Always Needed: If there has been any flood or water damage in the home, you need to have a proper mold inspection does. Mold often goes unnoticed because many times, it doesn't contain a smell, it's hidden, or it's a similar color as the flooring or walls where it is located. Before having a mold inspection done, though, check with your homeowners insurance to determine whether or not it's something you can have covered. 
  4. Mold Gets Everywhere: While it may seem that the mold is confined to the one area where it was found, it's actually not. This is because mold spores go everywhere in the air and they are microscopic, which means that they cannot be seen. For this reason, it's extremely important you have a thorough mold removal done by professionals. Also, should there have been anything touching the mold, such as household objects, blankets, clothing, and more, it all needs to be washed separately and handled with gloves to prevent further spreading of the mold in the house. 

With this further knowledge about mold, you can be sure that you take more responsibility to ensure that your home does not become hazardous to your health because of mold growth that has gone unnoticed. Contact a company, like Colfax Corporation, for more help.