The Beauty Of Custom Marble Bathtubs

Bathroom remodels are always smart. Bathrooms are usually small rooms, and this helps to keep down the cost of any upgrade. However, the bathroom is also a highly scrutinized room that could have a big impact on how appraisers and buyers see your home. That is, anybody looking through your home is going to look at the bathrooms. Since the bathroom is also one of the most heavily used rooms in your house, it can wear down and show signs of aging, before other rooms. So, there are really quite a few good reasons to invest in bathroom renovation. One of the most popular bathroom renovations is to remove your precast fiberglass bathtub, and install a marble basin in its place. This article explains why this is such a smart remodel and what marble products you should use.

Customize Your Bathroom

To many homeowners, the very best thing about installing a marble bathroom basin is that it allows them to customize the room. You can basically use any type of marble, and create unique designs to make your bathroom stand out. You can definitely create a design that fits with the rest of your unique aesthetic.

Create a Cohesive Room

Marble bathtubs look particularly striking when they match the marble and tile in the rest of the room. For instance, many people have the same marble on the floor and countertops that they have in the bathtub basin. A continuous, unbroken marble floor that goes right across the threshold of the bathtub basin is also going to look cohesive and dynamic.

Maintaining Marble Tubs

One thing you need to worry about when installing a marble bath tub is the maintenance. Some marble products aren't as low maintenance as others. Some products are porous and will absorb a lot of water. The ultimate result is that this water can start to become moldy and smelly. This is why most experts will suggest that you install a marble that has a glazed finish or a marble sealing. A glazed marble product is going to require far less maintenance. That being said, any tile floor is also going to have grout lines, which are always the most vulnerable part of any tile surface. You will need to reseal your grout lines, and possibly your marble material, once every couple of years. This protects them from water, prevents soap scum buildup, and helps to maintain the original color.

Basically, if you do install a marble bathtub, you need to realize that is going to require some regular cleaning, sealing, and maintenance.