4 Benefits of a Tub Conversion

Tub conversions are a common type of bathroom remodeling project that, like their name would suggest, consist of converting an existing tub in your bathroom into a walk-in shower. This distinctive type of remodeling project provides a number of advantages to your bathroom. Understanding what a tub conversion has to offer your home can help you figure out if a tub conversion is the right fit for your needs.

Aesthetic Considerations

A major advantage associated with a tub conversion is the fact that it will completely update the appearance of your bathroom. Not only is your tub and shower the focal point of your bathroom, but removing the tub entirely and converting the space into an enclosed shower creates a modern and sleek aesthetic that will reflect well on the entirety of the rest of your bathroom. Using clear or reflective glass for the enclosure can also increase the amount of light in your bathroom, which may give the illusion of increasing the visible space in the room.

Lower Cost

In conjunction with the above point, one of the largest advantages associated with a tub conversion is that it tends to be cheaper than remodeling the entire bathroom, since only a single fixture has to be altered. However, as previously mentioned, since the bathtub and shower tend to be the focal point of your bathroom, you can enjoy a completely updated bathroom at a lower cost than if you chose to remodel the entire space.

Increased Space

Beyond increasing the visible space in your bathroom, a shower enclosure can actually increase the total amount of space that you have to take a shower in by removing the boundaries of the tub. This is great if you have a small bathroom, because it will make you feel less cramped while you are showering. This is also an important consideration for older homeowners, since a larger amount of space within a shower enclosure can allow for the installation of a shower seat or other bathing accessories to make the showering process easier.

Increased Safety

Finally, in a similar vein to the above point, a shower enclosure will be safer than a bathtub to clean yourself in. This is because you won't have to worry about shower curtains and the edges of your tub when climbing in and out of the shower. Instead, you can simply walk right in, which is an important consideration again for older homeowners, but also for individuals with young children, who tend to be a little more accident prone and lower to the ground.