A Wheelchair Lift Helps You Navigate Different Levels In Your Home

If you need a wheelchair to get around inside or outside of your home, you face difficulty with stairs when ramps aren't present. Fortunately, many public buildings are wheelchair accessible, but your own home may not be as easy to navigate. Consider having a wheelchair lift installed to make your life easier. Here are some options in lifts.

Some Lifts Are Made For Outdoor Use

If you can't use an upper-level deck any longer, or if you have to use a back door since the front door has steps, then an outdoor wheelchair lift could be a big help. You can buy lifts made to tolerate outdoor conditions, even cold and snowy weather. A lift can be mounted near outdoor steps and lift you to the porch near the front door. It's possible to install a wheelchair lift even when there isn't enough space for a ramp. A lift might be beneficial for an upper-level deck in your backyard too so you have full access to all parts of your house.

Lifts Can Operate Up An Incline Or Vertically

The company that installs your wheelchair lift can help you decide on the right type for your situation. Lifts are often custom made for your home so they have a perfect fit and have doors and other features set up the way you need. A vertical lift is perfect if you want to avoid the steps and be lifted to an upper landing in a manner similar to an elevator. An incline lift is much like a traditional stair lift except instead of a seat, there's a platform that folds down for your wheelchair. This makes it possible to go up and down indoor steps so you can keep your bedroom upstairs and still come downstairs for meals and watching TV.

Wheelchair Lifts Have Safety Measures

No matter what type of lift you buy, make sure it has all the safety features you need. Some lifts operate with a button you have to keep pushed while others have an emergency button to make the lift stop. You'll also want a way to strap in your wheelchair or have doors on the platform so there is no worry about you rolling off. In addition, a battery backup is important so you can use your lift even when the power is out.

A wheelchair lift could make it possible to stay in your home when your home has stairs that you can no longer walk up and down. A lift can help you stay more active and mobile too since it won't be a chore just to leave your house. You'll be able to use a lift independently and have more control over where you can go when there are stairs on your property.