Is Your Vacuum Letting You Down?

When you run the vacuum throughout your home, you're doing it to get the carpet clean – really clean. But, are you really getting that deep-down dirt out of those fibers? Here, you'll find a few tips to help ensure that your carpet is actually being cleaned each time you vacuum.

Age of the Vacuum

How long have you had your vacuum? A lot of the cheaper models aren't really made well enough to hold up for more than a couple years of use. After that, they lose their suction and will not pull the dirt from deep within the fibers. It could be time to upgrade your vacuum.

Service the Vacuum

If you have a good vacuum that seems to have lost some suction, doesn't smell very nice when you use it, and tends to get clogged from time to time, it's time to get it in to have it professionally serviced. Since you're using this machine to suck fine particles of dust and dirt out of the carpeting, the dust and dirt builds up and can cause a loss of suction and terrible odors.

When the vacuum is professionally serviced, it is torn down, cleaned, and every component is checked for wear. If there are vacuum cleaner repairs to be made, you'll be given the option to have the repairs made – or the tech may suggest that you upgrade to a newer model, as it might end up costing more for repairs on an older machine than it would to replace it.

Proper Techniques

When you run the vacuum, do you follow the same path and pattern each time? In order to get that deep-down dirt out of the fibers, you need to change directions. The carpet should actually be vacuumed in both directions – side to side and front to back. This way, the fibers are shifted in every direction and the dirt that is stuck deep down can get sucked up into the vacuum.

Empty the canister, change the bag and change the filters often. If you try vacuuming with an overfilled bag, the dirt will back up into the vacuum and cause it to clog up – not to mention how much suction you'll lose.

Talk with your local vacuum repair technician for assistance. If you're not up to repairing the vacuum, talk with him or her about upgrading to a new model that will suck all the dirt out of your carpet so you're not wasting your time.