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5 Tricks for Protecting Your Car From Hail Damage in the First Place

While today's hail damage repair techniques can restore most cars to a like-new condition, it's far better to avoid this kind of widespread body damage in the first place. Hail as a severe weather phenomenon is spreading, and each year many car owners encounter it for the first time. Learn what steps to take to protect your vehicle from hail. Install a Carport Parking in your garage no matter the weather forecast is an obvious way to prevent hail damage, but what do you do when you don't have a garage? Read More 

Three Ways Sandblasting Can Benefit Homeowners

When the average person thinks of the term sandblasting, they probably think about commercial or industrial applications. However, if you're a homeowner, sandblasting services can be especially beneficial for you. Whether you want to protect your home or simply enhance its appearance, here are just some of the ways that sandblasting can help you meet your goals.    Rust Removal If you have any metal surfaces around your home, you know that rust can be a real problem. Read More 

Understanding The Threat Of Expansive Soil To Your Foundation

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a homeowner quite like the thought of having to deal with a cracked foundation. Yet many homeowners fail to understand the sorts of things that can lead to this all too common problem. If you would like to help protect your home from suffering foundation damage by educating yourself about common causes of foundation cracks, read on. This article will introduce you to the threat of expansive soil. Read More 

A Few Things You Should Know About Gutter Covers Before You Buy Them

Gutter covers fit over your rain gutters to keep them from becoming clogged. They may be mesh screens, reverse curb plastic pieces, foam filters, or nylon guards. While these covers will keep debris from getting into the gutters to clog them, they do have other problems too. Consider the following when deciding whether to buy the covers or not. Gutter Covers Mesh screens, foam filters, and nylon guards can become clogged by the debris they keep out of the gutter. Read More 

How To Safely And Effectively Use Ozone To Remove Smoke Odors From Fabric Surfaces

Using an ozone generator is an effective means of treating smoke damaged drapes, mattresses, upholstered furniture and other fabric surfaces. However, it is essential that homeowners understand the safe and proper use of an ozone generator, if they desire to undertake the job themselves. Below is more information on how to correctly and safely use an ozone generator to combat smoke odors. How Ozone Works Ozone is a special molecule of oxygen, and it is both unstable and highly reactive. Read More