Do You See White Spots On Your Basement Walls? What To Do

If you can see there are white lines along your basement walls and the space smells like mold, it's time to get help from the professionals. The white lines may just be minerals that are soaking in when water is a problem, instead of mold, but regardless you have a moisture problem that needs to be fixed. You don't know how bad the problem could be, if you can prevent it from happening again in the future, and what needs to be done to stop the problem. Read More 

Home Prone To Flooding? 3 Ways To Protect Your Home From Water Damage When You Live In A Flood-Prone Area

Whether you are building a home in a flood-prone area or just moved into one and are realizing that it doesn't have many safeguards against flooding, then you may be wondering what your flood prevention options are. Of course, you cannot control the weather, but by taking the right flood prevention steps, you can minimize the impact that water from storm surges, flash floods, and even heavy rain will have on the integrity of your home. Read More